Entertain, Educate, Entice

Whether via omni-channel or multi-channel, social media has become one of the main channels for advertising. But how to break through all the additional noise on consumers’ social feeds? They’re looking at friend’s photos, their friend’s friends’ videos and according this nifty article from Brandwatch, they’re spending an average of 20 minutes per day JUST on Facebook. Additionally:


So how in the WORLD are we supposed to get their attention? How can we strategically stand out from the crowd but not get skipped over because of informational overload? Luckily, AdWeek has a few tips.

It’s a tricky balance of entertainment, education and enticement which is awesomely exemplified in this 20 second West Elm ad. Sprout Social’s Lizz Kannenberg explains that the video is short enough to entertain but not bore, educational in the sense that the consumer learns how to pot a plant, and enticing due to the simple fact of (in my opinion) who doesn’t like West Elm decor? Hello.

So, hitting this “nail on the head” will definitely require some communication and collaboration. But thankfully this article provides some basic foundational beginnings on how to “Break Through the Social Noise.”

Can you think of any recent examples you’d like to share/discuss? Comment below!


*fun Facebook facts: Source Link
*Image: Source Link

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