The Weekend Week-cap 06.01.19

MONDAY 06.27.19

A heaping helping of innovation inspiration. ⬇️

Fast Company’s 100 Most Creative People in Business 2019 is a great read for some innovative inspiration! Some incredible accomplishments are highlighted in this list. From assisting an FBI ad-fraud bust to Amanda Seales’s Smart, Funny & Black tour, this list opens our eyes to beyond the typical “creative” connotation to realize that creativity isn’t just about art.


TUESDAY 06.28.19

IHOP Rerun?

According to this Fast Company article, IHOP is planning on changing their name…again. Think the publicity stunt will be as effective a second time?

p-1-ihop-changes-its-name.jpg[Photo: Clotee Pridgen/Wikimedia Commons]

WEDNESDAY 06.29.19

What do the TV shows Friends, The Simpsons and Stranger Things have in common?

IKEA! Publicis Spain, an ad agency in United Arab Emirates, created an ad campaign aptly dubbed “IKEA Real Life” for the home decor mega store using iconic living rooms from some of our fav shows! A majority of the items used in the ads are actually available for purchase at IKEA. The rooms will even be displayed throughout some IKEA stores but only within the Middle East. Bummer!

Now tell me, would YOU buy The Simpsons’ living room?


THURSDAY 06.30.19

Is La Croix running flat?

According to a Bloomberg article, La Croix isn’t keeping up with the fizzy Jones’s. The design and marketing concept aimed at a target audience who didn’t even care if the drink didn’t taste that great: millennials. They jumped on the sparkling-water-bandwagon and La Croix has had a great ride. But just having a hipster-chic aesthetic has not kept the brand afloat.

Did you jump on this La Croix bandwagon? I tried it once…🤷‍♀️

p-1-la-croix-sales-are-plummeting-andamp-thatand8217s-probably-because-it-sucks.jpg[Photo: Matt Botsford/Unsplash]

FRIDAY 06.31.19

Try not to giggle but, Pornhub is actually pretty creative. In more ways than one…

Mentioning the adult video giant may make some folks blush but, I actually read this article and was pleasantly surprised at the company’s efforts to “penetrate a number of verticals” in the marketing industry. Yes. Corey Price, Porhhub VP, actually uses that phrase. But he also mentions the creative campaigns they’ve used have not only brought the brand out in front of the general public but, also to brings about awareness of some sticky topics that no one likes to address like breast cancer and declining bee populations.

What’re your thoughts on seeing that this adult film brand actually has more to it than millions of home movies?



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