Ideas in 30 Seconds

If coming up with an idea only took 30 seconds, would you try it?

Kelly Herd, marketing professor at the University of Connecticut, conducted a research study recently published in the Journal of Consumer Research. The study contradicted the usual creative approach of objectivity, suggesting that thinking with your heart allows you to become more fluidly creative. If we take a moment (like 30 seconds?) to think about our client or project emotionally, we put in no more effort than someone who approaches the same task objectively.

Try it this week! Got a new project? Stuck at a creative road-block with a current client? Close your eyes, take a deep breath, a spend 30 seconds thinking about this person or project from an emotional standpoint. Put yourself in your client’s shoes or in the shoes of the person who will be using/seeing/consuming your work. Did it help your creative process? I’d love to know!


Published by Thea Creates

A solopreneur with a love for creating all the things to share "in the service of others." 1 Peter 4:10

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