Weekend-weekcap 06.08.19

MONDAY 06.03.19

Bright and lively colors are an indication of imminent death.

Pantone teams up with the The Ocean Agency  to bring us a stunning campaign with a cause: Glowing Glowing Gone.

How do you feel about using these brilliant colors to increase awareness about dying coral reefs? Pantone challenges creatives to use these colors throughout their work to increase awareness. How could you use them?


TUESDAY 06.04.19

Influencer Marketing: Friend or Foe?

The influencer marketing craze has continued to see immeasurable growth for the past few years. Though some speculate as to whether or not there’s really a substantial ROI for paying an influencer some thousands of dollars for one video. Take a look at some of the facts and fictions Adweek’s Danielle Wiley has discussed in this post.

Have you utilized any sort of influencer marketing? What’re your thoughts?


WEDNESDAY 06.05.19

Computer Stand: $999

The ensuing sarcasm and twitter responses that follow: priceless. Creative Bloq jumps on the Apple-baffled Bandwagon here.



THURSDAY 06.06.19

Being Stingy with Time Can Be Profitable. I’m sorry…what?

Having recently (literally like started two weeks ago) embarked on my official entrepreneurial endeavor of going freelance (yikes!), I’ve bookmarked nearly every article possible that I feel could be great advice or direction for building a successful business. This article provided by DUE but featured on Entrepreneur.com really peaked my interest as it pertains to time management from a totally different and unexpected angle. Check it out!

Would you or are you stingy with your time? What time management programs do you use for your business as a creative freelancer?



FRIDAY 06.07.19

Words from (and for) the Wise.

LOVE this article by Hailey Brewer and Lia Wesp about how we use our words in business. Yet another article to bookmark while in the baby stages of my business development.

What kind of words in your business language would benefit from a more neighborly tone? Think it would change your mindset too in how you perceive your competitors?


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