3 of the Best Ads of 2019

As usual, in January of a new year we’re bombarded with the “Best of the Best” of EVERYTHING. Curated by AdWeek’s creative directors, here’s a few of my fav ads from 2019.

Rain | Wieden+Kennedy

Many members of the graphic design and advertising industries continue to argue, claiming “print is dead”. But global ad agency Wieden+Kennedy created a campaign that proves print is in fact very much alive. “Rain” is a beautiful ad series for McDonald’s delivery service featuring images distorted to appear as though you’re looking out of a rain-slicked window.

Why is it my fav? Because I LOVE that even though graphic design and advertising has gone primarily digital, a very artistic and aesthetically pleasing PRINT campaign still claims a spot among the best.

The Underdogs | Smuggler

Who doesn’t love a good story? This commercial produced by Smuggler and directed by Mark Molloy shows the incredible, collaborative features of Apple’s products in the workplace. I’m sure we’ve all been “the underdog” at some point in life, so the storyline of this ad covers a huge audience while still showing off just a few of Apple’s products and their capabilities.

Why is it my fav? If you venture over to my personal blog, Green Beans for Breakfast, you’ll see that 2019 has pretty much been my “underdog” year.

Try Not to Hear This | David

Do you know what “synesthesia” means? I didn’t until I researched this particular ad, but in a nutshell it means “using one sense to activate another.” Initially, I’m merely intrigued. But then my mind is blown when I read “try not to hear this” while looking at an image of a Coke bottle being opened and IMMEDIATELY my mind recalls what that exact sound. Just COOL!

Why is it my fav? Because this is a perfect and super simple example of the incredible power of advertising and design.


From addressing political and societal conflicts to explaining why adults need ice cream more than kids, Adweek’s article The 25 Best Ads of 2019 shows us some of the many ways audiences have been impacted over the year. The ability for graphic design and advertising to impact us so directly is freakin’ amazing.

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