Last week, we saw a Coke ad utilizing a fancy thing called “synesthesia,” which means using one sense to activate another. This week, I’ve been researching/obsessing over this latest ASMR fascination.


An article by the National Sleep Foundation attempts to explain that while still super new, autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) has become a recent fascination. The article lists some examples of videos that feature audio and visuals making very minimal sounds like typing on a keyboard, brushing hair, or clicking a pen. Supposedly, the sites and sounds cause a “feeling of euphoric tingling and relaxation.” SMH.


To illustrate the concept of the ASMR phenomena, LXRD in Denver created a brilliant ad featuring their staff whispering sweet nothings of agency-themed affirmations accompanied by satisfyingly simple ticks, clicks and clinks. I kinda felt a little tingly. ROFL.


It’s always great to try new things when brainstorming a new concept. Visual things, auditory things…audio/visual things like ASMR. Luckily, the graphic design and advertising industries are always evolving so we’ll surely see something new next week!

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A solopreneur with a love for creating all the things to share "in the service of others." 1 Peter 4:10

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