Adobe at the Oscar’s

Goodby Silverstein & Partners agency landed the gig of creating a wondrous and psychedelic 60-second ad spot for Adobe’s latest campaign: Creativity for ALL.


Vanessa Rivera – Mermaid

“Creativity for All” is Adobe’s latest campaign aimed at “democratizing creativity” and making Adobe’s creative suite accessible to all. The ad debuted at the 2020 Oscars and showcased Adobe’s many capabilities including video, photography and animation. According to this Adobe Blog article, the composition was inspired by and features artwork from over 1,000 creatives.


Adobe’s Executive VP and CMO Ann Lewnes stated, “Creativity has the power to influence politics, culture, and social norms, so it’s critical that we hear from a broader, more diverse set of voices, especially the next generation of creators.” The Creativity For All campaign aims to encourage tapping into everyone’s own creativity, providing access to teachers and students by partnering with Teach For America–a nonprofit organization whose aim is to ensure “every child has an equal opportunity to learn, grow, influence, and lead.”


The ever-evolving movement of the video completely engulfs the visual senses while displaying all of the incredible works that went into the production. I’ve watched it a couple times myself!


While Adobe usually comes across as the creative industry software giant not willing to share the spotlight, they’re actually trying to share with everyone. I grew up with good ole crayons and markers but to know that the next generation will potentially have access and the ability to become fluent in today’s industry software standards is truly exciting!

List your favorite parts/opinion of the video in the comments below!

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