Intro to Outside: A New Collection

Journaling with words is overrated.

Art Journaling

Last year, I decided to start art journaling! I’d never actually practiced this type of journaling so before I really got into it, I researched hashtags, videos and other examples. I’ll be the first to tell you that there are some ADORABLE journal pages out there, but I wasn’t looking for cute color-coordinated, washi-tape scrapbooking. I was looking for a messy, intuitive, visual, emotionally dictated style of painting that just so happens to be captured and protected within the pages of a journal. And there’s a name for it! It’s called mark making!

Mark Making

The term “mark making” is still pretty new to my vocabulary. The day I realized it was a thing, I found a couple of artists on YouTube and just totally VEGGED. Ya’ll. This technique is just incredible. It’s beautiful and raw and amazing and it has been such an incredible experience for me. A lot of online articles describe mark making as “gestural” and “intuitive.” I feel like it is in fact LITERAL journaling but with different mediums on a surface.

When you write in a journal, you typically talk about feelings and your day and life in general, right? Imagine VISUALLY putting those feelings and thoughts on paper but instead of words, they’re all represented by strokes, lines, patterns, colors and textures. The resulting compositions are what make up my newest collection: Outside.

Getting Inside Out

The beginning of a new year means new color trends and I was INSTANTLY inspired by Sherwin Williams’ Colormix Forecast 2021 titled “Rhythm of Color.” (link to article) Originally, the idea for the Outside collection was exploring “plein air” painting (thus the title) using the palettes from Rhythm of Color. But I’m still healing my relationship with art and I thought it best to continue with abstract techniques. Combining colors with the emotions I’ve experienced over the past couple of years–the struggles, the tears, the hope, the confusion, the fear, the wins, the feelings of defeat–all lended to the creation of Outside. Getting the inside (of myself) out (thus the title 😉) proved to be a very incredible learning experience about myself as an artist and as an entrepreneur pursuing her dreams.

Wanna see more Outside?

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Do you have an art journal? Ever explored mark making? Tell me all about your experiences in the comments below!

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