Hues News | 01.21


Pantone: From the Runway

I had no idea there was even a remote correlation between fashion industry colors and interior design industry colors. Seriously! But last year I discovered that when the fashion industry releases their color predictions, those colors will likely make their way into the interiors of many on-trend homes. So when Pantone released their Fashion Color Trend Report for 2021 last September, I was excited to explore what this new year had in store! The Spring and Summer seasons of 2021 are going to so colorful! Bright and energetic colors with some flexible classics, the upcoming seasons’ color trends are going to basically be the polar opposite of 2020: exciting, hopeful, happy, with a stable foundation.

Sherwin Williams: To the Hallway

With the fashion industry having a major influence on the interior design industry, this year’s color trends for the home are just as exciting! Sherwin William’s Colormix Forecast 2021 shows us an incredible grouping of color palettes, each with their own energies. Titled “The Rhythm of Color,” the anticipated collection was released last September showing four distinctly coordinated color palettes that strive to influence a sense of calming movement and stability. Again, the polar opposite of the previous year. Of the four palettes, I’d have to say “Tapestry” is my favorite. I just FEEL those colors, ya know? For me this palette seems to have a satisfying balance in the contrast between the warm and cool hues yet they all remain grounded with a couple of neutrals. LOVE IT!

Adobe: And in Between

Released in December

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