Thea grew up in Mississippi where she was raised by two incredible people she calls “mom” and “dad,” but they’re also known as Jim and Becky. Her older brother, Grant, still manages to lovingly irritate her just like when they were kids. Thea’s childhood was filled with foundational traditions of attending church on Sundays, playing hide-n-seek with neighborhood kids, and sipping the nectar from honey suckle blossoms that grew behind the fence in the backyard. Her creativity sprouted early, producing imaginative paintings of giraffes eating leaves and calico cats wearing sunglasses and lipstick. Eventually, her life-long creativity matured into a bachelors degree in graphic design received from Mississippi College.

Right after graduation, Thea’s career as a graphic designer began in a local print shop. Using color correction, proofing and editing, she prepared graphics and digital files for print. With her new print production knowledge in hand, she moved to Georgia to join the marketing team of a rug and home decor manufacturer. There she managed and organized a magazine advertising schedule, introduced new project management systems and encouraged interdepartmental communication and camaraderie. With stars in her eyes, Thea moved on to Nashville, Tennessee to become part of the fast-paced, exciting world of corporate event production. She fine-tuned her attention to detail and brought her creativity to the stage by designing some insanely huge digital backdrops, eye-catching presentations and all the matching event swag.

The creative freedom Thea was given at the event production company reignited her love of fine art and in 2019, she opened her own business where she proudly displays a new collection of abstract paintings and recent freelance graphic design projects. To support her small business, Thea has been a grocery delivery service provider for an incredible company. She shops and delivers for every customer while living by the golden rule of “do unto others.” In between deliveries, she’s searching for the right opportunity where she can grow with teammates, become an integral part of achieving company goals and contribute her creative mind.

Thea lives in Nashville, Tennessee with her black cat Arthur Nouveau. She enjoys short walks to the kitchen and long walks in Target. You can follow her on instagram at @thea_creates and subscribe to her website to follow her career updates and creative ventures.


As an artist at heart, my relationship with my inner artist has been neglected over the years and recently I found myself wanting to reconnect with that part of myself. So to get reacquainted with the creative process, I figured I should start with some basics: a canvas, a brush, and some paint. I began working with a technique using semi-strategically placed strokes and varying amounts of pressure. I just wanted to enjoy the art for art’s sake, view the works without bias, and to get lost in the process.

Using this technique allowed me to observe the way paint responds to my brush. As a result, I was reminded of why I wanted to be an artist in the first place. For me, being an artist is instinctual and sustaining. It’s successfully finding that one snack that satisfies an unidentifiable craving. It’s being greeted by an overly excited four-legged friend when you get home from a hard day. It’s finally understanding who you’re meant to be, having no idea how to get there, yet still running in that direction with elated abandon.