Entertain, Educate, Entice

Whether via omni-channel or multi-channel, social media has become one of the main channels for advertising. But how to break through all the additional noise on consumers’ social feeds? They’re looking at friend’s photos, their friend’s friends’ videos and according this nifty article from Brandwatch, they’re spending an average of 20 minutes per day JUST on Facebook. Additionally:


So how in the WORLD are we supposed to get their attention? How can we strategically stand out from the crowd but not get skipped over because of informational overload? Luckily, AdWeek has a few tips.

It’s a tricky balance of entertainment, education and enticement which is awesomely exemplified in this 20 second West Elm ad. Sprout Social’s Lizz Kannenberg explains that the video is short enough to entertain but not bore, educational in the sense that the consumer learns how to pot a plant, and enticing due to the simple fact of (in my opinion) who doesn’t like West Elm decor? Hello.

So, hitting this “nail on the head” will definitely require some communication and collaboration. But thankfully this article provides some basic foundational beginnings on how to “Break Through the Social Noise.”

Can you think of any recent examples you’d like to share/discuss? Comment below!


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Informed Creativity

As a graphic designer, you HAVE to be ready to continually evolve along with the industry. Sort of “roll with the punches,” if you will. Those “punches” can include (but are not limited to by any means) new design programs, new technology, trends, innovations and information!

AdWeek‘s Donald Chesnut explains how we as designers must evolve in a whole new way. We must transform our old-school way of thinking into a data-loving, problem solving, “outcome over output” mindset in order to keep up with challenges businesses are facing today.

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Pink. A timeless classic, go-to palette, craving-inducing color that seems to top the charts over and over throughout the ages. Although, since the 2012 release of the rose gold iPhone, Millennial Pink has rooted itself in design trends and doesn’t seem to be fading.

In this article, Shutterstock’s Aaron White discusses how Millennial Pink has elbowed its way to the front lines of advertising and social media campaigns.

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A Historic Perspective

Though I’ve never been very enthusiastic about history, when it comes to art history, I can easily become engrossed. I came across “Graphic: 500 Designs that Matter” a couple of months ago when reading through my usual graphic design news sites and blogs. Just looking at the excerpts in Graphic Design USA’s article “Phaidon’s History Of Graphic Design From Buddhists to Barack,” this book is a must-have for graphic design enthusiasts. I can’t wait to get my copy!

Want your own copy? Find it here on Amazon!


For the Love of Color!

As an artist, naturally I love color in whatever form it resides. Some of my favorite brands of color include China Glaze nail lacquer, Crayola crayons, and Sherwin-Williams paint. Anyone with the gift of sight can appreciate color and the many ways people have discovered how to move or manipulate it.

One of the most mesmerizing ways to move color was produced for a Sherwin-Williams ad by Psyop. The commercial shows off some of Sherwin-Williams’s new line of Emerald® Interior Acrylic Latex paint using tubs of water, a robotic arm and a high-speed camera that can capture up to 4,000 frames per second! Not only is the commercial itself absolutely stunning, but getting to see the behind the scenes production is equally fascinating. Check it out here.


If I [Culture] Fits, I Sits.

Graphic Design USA’s “How To Tell If A Candidate Is A Good Culture Fit” by Bejan Douraghy, founder of Artisan Talent, discusses the necessity of focusing on the cultural aptitude of potential employees. As many of us know, “fitting in” with established team dynamics is crucial to maintaining a stable and productive work environment.

This article suggests some interview questions that would help determine if a candidate is “culturally fit” for a position. As I’m getting ready to make my next career move, I’ll really have to spend some time on these questions to carefully plan how I’d answer. So I’m grateful having come across this article because I’ll definitely be mulling these over. How would you answer them? Leave your responses in the comments!


Skills Required: All of Them

When I decided to become a graphic designer, I wanted to focus on logo design, branding, more of the artistic side of design. But today’s graphic designer is nearly expected to know how to do everything. Many graphic design jobs require having knowledge and skills in motion graphics, animation, 3D rendering, CAD software, and more!

To combat this ever-growing, Jack-of-All-Trades trend, I need to start adding to my skill set in order to market myself as the most valuable candidate. How Design’s “What’s Your Workshop? How to Stay Creative & Commit to Learning New Skills” discusses efforts and strategies to help maintain and enhance one’s current skills. It also recommends “Creative Workshop: 80 Challenges to Sharpen Your Design Skills“. This book has a variety of challenges to improve innovative thinking, reach quick creative solutions and expose designers to all sorts of scenarios in different mediums. Can’t wait to get myself a copy!


“The cobbler’s children have no shoes.”

This phrase is definitely new to me (and took me on a historical tangent to learn more). But it makes total sense. After graduating college, I was all over my WordPress site. I was constantly making updates, checking links, adding images, doing whatever I thought would attract the most viewers in hopes of garnering the attention of potential employers. But as soon as I landed my first career position, my portfolio and devotion to keeping up with advertising and graphic trends took a back seat. Since then, I’ve come to realize the importance of refreshing my own brand image and investing the time to promote myself, especially as I work on making my next career move.

Graphic Design USA’s “Don’t Neglect Your Own Marketing And Branding Needs” by guest writer Laura Wallace, Owner and Creative Director of Worx Graphic Design, sheds some light on this common [lack of] practice and what can be done for firms and freelancers alike to refresh and promote their own business and brand.


Marketing or Agency

Having been on the marketing side of graphic design for nearly a year and a half now, I’ve gained a very new and valuable perspective. Successful design and marketing are equally essential in the success and growth of a business. We get that. But Adweek‘s Erik Oster covers of a study done by RSW/US, a leading strategic development team,  and discusses the opposing views of the two industries. One might assume that marketing and advertising go hand-in-hand, but after reading this article, the conflict that divides the two becomes more apparent.


Happy Birthday YouTube!

A whole 10 years has passed since YouTube first began. To celebrate, they’re drawing the attention to the ads and videos that have made them what they are.  I’m sure at some point in life everyone finds themselves talking about a clip from the video-sharing social tycoon.

My vote: I’m stuck between Turkish Airlines and TNT. They were both super entertaining and attention capturing. I feel that they more accurately made a connection between the product/service and the content. Some of them like “The First Kiss,” I didn’t get it. It was cute, but what’s the message? And what’s WREN? Regardless, they’re all worth watching. What’s your vote?

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Shutterstock Predicts Design Trends for 2015

Like technology, design trends are ever evolving. To keep up with them is a job all its own. In the advertising industry, staying on top of the “latest and greatest” is what works and what drives a business’s success. It’s a never-ending hunger to know what’s new and to keep my knowledge of the industry’s trends up-to-date.

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