Jay Long, Attorney at Law



Jay Long, Attorney at Law

While he may have the advantage of being one of my best friends, I have the advantage and PRIVILEGE of being a part of creating his brand! Jay Long is an intellectual property and copyright lawyer out of Jackson, Mississippi. Also, being the owner of Heroes and Dreams Comics and Collectables, Jay is NOT short on creative vision and business savvy. Together, we’ve created his new logo and website.

Jay’s logo had some major evolutionary stages. Starting with the idea of the historical symbol for justice, we tried to incorporate his initials into a “scales of justice” icon. Lots of notes and doodles were passed back and forth which is one of my favorite parts of the creative process! Working as closely as possible with the client and maintaining their involvement and input every step of the way ensures that we bring that vision out of their head and into real life!

Ultimately, Jay’s logo incorporates his initials while also reflecting a sense of balance. Due to the amount of black space on the left side, the right side has four circles to counter the apparent heaviness on the left. The four circles also represent his four main areas of practice: intellectual property, social media law, sports law, and entertainment law.

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Jay’s goal for his webpage was for it to be a simple, one page informational resource about his service offerings. His blue color scheme encourages feelings of calmness and trustworthiness. Keeping the content short, organized and simple achieves the simplicity Jay was seeking for his website. The site isn’t live yet, but I’ll be sure to link to it when it’s ready! 😉

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