Lookin’ Good Bro!

Warner Bros.’ brand identity got a face lift! Dee Dee Myers, WB’s executive vice president of worldwide corporate communications and public affairs, decided the overall brand could use some cohesiveness. Warner Bromance In October 2019, WarnerMedia announced the addition of HBO Max, launching WB studios into direct competition with other streaming services like Netflix andContinue reading “Lookin’ Good Bro!”


Last week, we saw a Coke ad utilizing a fancy thing called “synesthesia,” which means using one sense to activate another. This week, I’ve been researching/obsessing over this latest ASMR fascination. ASMR? IDK. An article by the National Sleep Foundation attempts to explain that while still super new, autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) has becomeContinue reading “AMSR? LOL! JK…”

3 of the Best Ads of 2019

As usual, in January of a new year we’re bombarded with the “Best of the Best” of EVERYTHING. Curated by AdWeek’s creative directors, here’s a few of my fav ads from 2019. Rain | Wieden+Kennedy Many members of the graphic design and advertising industries continue to argue, claiming “print is dead”. But global ad agencyContinue reading “3 of the Best Ads of 2019”